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QSTECH Screen Cheers for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia



On June 14, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia kicks off in this hot summer, which will  attract millions of fans all over the world.


QSTECH, as a professional sports LED display solution provider, has joined this global sports event by offering display services.


An 133㎡ screen from QSTECH had installed in Russia - Rostov stadium, and will witness four group games and an eighth-finals and provide live broadcast to the whole world.


The HD display effect and perfect lifelike picture of the screen can allow audiences enjoy the game without missing any wonderful moments!



QSTECH Sports Display Solution 

One-stop solution for all display needs of stadiums     


QSTECH sports solution is a comprehensive information release system based on network technology, including sports game information, sports game video release, advertisement release, game information statistics and management and LED display terminal remote control.  


QSTECH sports solution applies LED screen as the display terminal, which has the characteristics of flexible arrangement, high IP rating, high display quality, and excellent displaying effect, simple and convenient maintenance. To meet the strict requirements in stadium, the solution is also equipped with dual control system and backup to ensure stable operation.


QSTECH sports solution contains score board display system, banner display, perimeter display system, etc.

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