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Our displays shine from the largest resolution LED video walls to LED digital signage. No matter your visualization needs,

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to get the job done.
All-in-one LED Display
All-in-one LED Display
QSTECH's all-in-one LED display provides a compact and stable solution for a variety of applications, including audio-video playback, image display, and information release.
Indoor LED Display
Indoor LED Display
QSTECH's indoor LED display uses high-resolution, high-brightness, and true color display technology, making it suitable for commercial advertising, information release, multimedia presentations, indoor stages, and other venues.
Outdoor LED Display
Outdoor LED Display
QSTECH's outdoor LED display has a strong structure and waterproof performance, with high brightness, contrast, and color reproduction, making it suitable for outdoor advertising, sports venues, and information release in various environments.
Channel Sales
Channel Sales
With QSTECH's channel sales LED products, you can enhance your business and engage with your audience more effectively. These products provide a cost-effective solution for various commercial applications.
QSTECH's sports venue LED display has high grayscale and high refresh rate technologies, which can restore the details and scenes of the game. It is suitable for sports venues, large-scale events, and other live performances.
Controller & Software
Controller & Software
QSTECH's LED display control system provides a comprehensive and professional control solution for various LED display devices, including billboards, indoor and outdoor displays. It supports high-definition playback, interactive functions, and multiple network interfaces.
LED Solutions
QSTECH is a professional solution provider with display technology as its core.
  • Conference Room
  • Control Center
  • DOOH
  • Commercial & Retail
  • Sports
  • Transportation
  • Education
Conference Room
QSTECH Intelligent Conference Solution offers cutting-edge LED displays with high-definition video, intuitive meeting room booking systems, and other smart features, making it perfect for modern conference rooms.
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Control Center
QSTECH's Data Visualization Solution provides the ability to visually present complex data, simplifying the analysis process with clear and concise visual aids, improving decision-making for businesses and organizations.
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QSTECH's DOOH (Digital Out of Home) Solution provides high brightness, high resolution, and remote management capabilities, offering dynamic and effective solutions for outdoor advertising that captures audience attention.
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Commercial & Retail
QSTECH's Commercial Display Solution delivers superior image and video quality that enhances brand awareness, entertainment, and information display for retail, hospitality, and corporate environments.
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QSTECH's Sports Venue Solution provides high grayscale and refresh rate, ensuring clear and vivid images that captivate audiences during sporting events, enhancing the overall experience for spectators.
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QSTECH's Transportation Solution offers advanced passenger information systems and traffic guidance systems that improve safety, efficiency, and convenience for travelers and commuters of public transportation.
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QSTECH's Education Solution provides interactive LED displays that encourage student participation and collaboration, enhancing learning experiences and improving academic performance.
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Louis Vuitton boutique
Xi'an International Trade & Exhibition Center
Shanghai Lujiazui Guojin Center Tunnel LED Display System
Why choose QSTECH?
Worldwide Famous LED Display Solutions and Product Provider.
  • 30 years
    LED Industry Experience
  • 30000+
    Project Cases
  • 4years
    AIO Display Market Champions
  • 5500+
    Independent R&D Patents
Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly
We have developed and certified energy-saving technologies, RoHS processes, and green standards. Our commitment to environmental protection, energy conservation, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is unwavering.
Stunning visual effect
A combination of high contrast, high refresh rate, and wide color gamut make our products outstanding. With the precise adjustment of the self-developed control system, it is possible to present a stunning visual experience.
Easy to use and convenient
As a result of the intelligent system, the remote control can fully control the screen. It is as easy to use as a television.
All-in-one design
Our goal is to provide integrated, one-stop convenient services to our partners in terms of product technology, customer demand mining, program design, and installation.
Advanced Multimedia.Fr - Comment on AV Magzine
"Thanks to the integrated cutout on our QSTECH AIOs, we are able to manage the screen as if there were two. We split the screen into two parts of 1920×1080, each with its own HDMI input – this is simply done with a remote control. It’s transparent for the user and the rendering is just great!"
Charmex Internacional S.A. - Santiago Verdú CEO
"QSTECH has been an excellent partner with a supportive team. Charmex, as an audiovisual supplier of Technology applied to Communication, feels confident joining forces with a reputable company and reliable quality solutions. We trust that together we will achieve great things to help the corporate users and integrators in the Iberian market."
Huati Rongke
"The successful completion of the Beijing Worker Gym project, which was a joint effort between us and QSTECH, was made possible by the unwavering cooperation and support of QSTECH's sales and after-sales teams. Their prompt response to our every need ensured that the project was delivered on time with high standards. QSTECH's innovative products helped to create a safe, comfortable, and user-friendly gym for workers.
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  • Conference Room
  • Control Center
  • DOOH
  • Commercial & Retail
  • Sports
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • CRN PCON 600
  • Y53 Series
  • H27 PRO
  • E28
  • C27 Series
  • X-Wall Plus
  • U28 Series
  • B Series
  • CRN PCON 200 PRO
  • QS Unified cloud platform
  • F27 Series
  • H27 Series
  • H31 Series
  • Ultra-wide LED Wall
  • N31 module
  • D43 Series
  • X-Wall Plus 21:9
  • LED Poster
  • H19 PRO Series
  • S Series
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