LED All-in-one Display Terminal

Naked-eye 3D+8K HD

QSTECH Display Joins the “Screens Light Up China Cities” Plan

Technology Innovation for A Better Vision

The 30th Anniversary of QSTECH

Boundless Vision Originated From QSTECH

Product Center

QSTECH is committed to creating display products with the ultimate experience and provide customers with convenient and eco-friendly integration service

The Solution

QSTECH is the professional solution provider who takes display technology as the core

Lecture Hall

Clear picture display, excellent sound quality and simple and convenient centralized control

Command Center

It integrates display, control, operation, and maintenance into one, helping the command center to monitor, warn, and handle the first time


Use creativity to create corporate image to show new heights

Commercial Advertising

Intelligent placement management achieves precise targeting, and 3D+VR integration can convey advertising information more creatively


Build higher, faster and stronger intelligent sports venues and improve the management level of sports venues