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QSTECH Display Solution Makes Smart City Becomes a Reality



On January 2018, a package of LED display system developed by QSTECH was officially put into use in Xi'an Software New Town, which is an important project to assist the construction of provincial key projects, and has made great contributions to accelerating the development of Xi'an smart city display system.



Xi'an Software New Town is a key construction project in the 12th Five Year Plan of Shaanxi Province and Xi'an City, and the crucial part of "building China's science and technology innovation center and building a world-class park" in Xi'an High-tech Zone. Xi'an software new town has 31 world top 500 enterprises, 38 Chinese top 100 software enterprises, 8 Chinese top 10 service outsourcing leading enterprises, 14 national Torch Program software industry base backbone enterprises and dozens of listed software companies. The area has become a world-class software R & D base.   


First-class software new town needs first-class display system. With superior product performance and excellent solutions, QSTECH has won the chance to provide its display solution for the project.


This QSTECH LED display system solution of control room includes a HERA-M P3mm LED display screen with a patent control system. The inner arc-shaped display area is integrated with the wall, which perfectly combines the modern elements and the sense of science and technology. The display solution will serve for the Enterprise Achievement Transformation Statistical Platform of Xi'an software new town, relying on the powerful background data, and displaying the data integration results on the large screen. 


QSTECH display system shall continue make contributions for the “Smart City” development of Xi’an Software New Town, thus to realize a more efficient management and service of Xi’an city.


QSTECH display solution makes Smart City becomes a reality!

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