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MWALL PLUS Series Foldable & Liftable All-in-one HD LED Display Set a Benchmark for Visual Presentations

Jun 05. 2024
For years, QSTECH has been synonymous with excellence in the realm of all-in-one LED displays. With a track record of delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, the company has garnered praise and accolades from clients worldwide. Yet, QSTECH keeps true to its ethos of relentless innovation and refuses to stay stagnant.

Convenience Redefined
It unveils the MWALL PLUS Series—a leap forward in the realm of foldable and liftable all-in-one displays. Designed with the customer experience in mind, this next-generation foldable all-in-one display promises to upgrade the way people interact with digital content. Its most prominent feature is its foldable design, elevating convenience to unprecedented levels.

Have you ever grappled with the inconvenience of moving a large LED screen or struggled with limited viewing angles and distances? With MWALL PLUS, these concerns become obsolete. Boasting a 170° super wide viewing angle and visible distances ranging from 2 to 30 meters, everyone in the audience enjoys clear visibility. Moreover, its adjustable height capability renders onsite disassembly and installation unnecessary, allowing seamless maneuverability in spaces like elevators and meeting rooms.

More features for convenience:
· Plug-and-play. Simplify the installation procedure, it enables immediate utilization without any complexities.
· Ultra-Slim Structure. With a screen thickness of only 31mm and ultra-thin 3mm screen bezels, it offers a space-saving design. This sleek profile contributes to a more upscale ambiance.

· Wireless Screen Share Support. Capable of wirelessly mirroring screens from computers, smartphones, and tablets. Also, with the ability to display content from up to four devices simultaneously, it promotes collaboration and versatility in presentations and discussions.

Outstanding Screen Technology

· 3-in-1 Design. MWALL PLUS boasts exceptional screen technology, featuring a three-in-one design merging HUB board, power supply, and receiving card. This integration minimizes component wiring, reducing human errors and enhancing stability.

· Seamless Splicing and High Refresh Rate. Combined with a resolution of 1920x1080P and a brightness of 550 nits, it delivers unparalleled clarity compared to Projection and LCD splicing displays.

· Faster Response Speed. Utilizing nanosecond-level display technology, it eliminates issues like the tailing phenomenon of liquid crystal during high-speed dynamic picture processing, ensuring a more seamless and dynamic display effect.

· High Gray Scale Level under Low Brightness. With QSTECH's self-developed system and multi-stage correction technology, MWALL PLUS achieves a high gray scale level under low brightness conditions, ensuring stunning visuals even in dimly lit environments.

· Pixel-to-pixel Calibration across the Entire Screen. Pixel-to-pixel calibration eliminates bright/dark lines, ensuring uniform brightness and shades for a comfortable viewing experience at any distance.

· Longer Effective Service Life. Thanks to QSTECH technology's support, MWALL PLUS offers a longer effective service life compared to LCD/DLP splicing displays and projection fusion. This longevity translates to cost-effectiveness and peace of mind for users, making it a long-term investment in visual excellence.

In summary, the MWALL PLUS Series Foldable & Liftable All-in-one HD LED Display sets a benchmark for visual presentations, combining unparalleled convenience with cutting-edge screen technology.

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