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QSTECH Gear Up to Make a Splash at the upcoming InfoComm 2024 USA

Jun 11. 2024

QSTECH, after a successful participation in InfoComm China in April this year, is all set to embark on another journey to Infocomm 2024 in USA this June. Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, QSTECH is ready to showcase a wide array of exceptional LED screen solutions catering to various scenarios, including conference settings, exhibitions, indoor commercial displays, outdoor displays, stage rental, and indoor modules.

Smart Solutions for Conference Room

One of the highlighted scenarios will be the conference scene. QSTECH has created a more intelligent conference room environment that effectively streamlines equipment, simplifies configuration operations, and reduces operational and maintenance difficulties. In this scene, visitors will witness the latest all-in-one machine LED display XWALL V3 series along with the new foldable all-in-one display MWALL PLUS series.

Elevating Exhibition Experiences with Dynamic Displays

The next scenario will focus on exhibition settings, where QSTECH will showcase its new product, the D27 Series COB mini LED display, along with an infrared touch frame and self-developed exhibition software. The LED display screen serves as the display terminal while the infrared touch frame acts as the interactive interface, allowing visitors to directly interact with the content through touchscreen functionality.

The infrared touch display solution transforms traditional static exhibitions into dynamic and technological experiences, providing visitors with immersive interactive experiences, enhancing display effectiveness, and improving information transmission efficiency. It can be widely applied in corporate exhibition halls, cultural and museum spaces, and themed exhibition halls.

Upgraded Indoor Advertising

The indoor commercial display scenario will feature QSTECH's products tailored to different needs, ranging from high-end commercial to general commercial displays. The showcased products will include the W44 Series transparent screen, H27 series, and U28 series.

As the name implies, the W44 Series transparent screen functions like glass, allowing light to pass through. Compared to conventional LED screens, the LED transparent screen has undergone targeted improvements and upgrades in chip manufacturing processes, lamp bead packaging, and control systems. Its hollow design structure reduces obstruction to visibility, improves transparency, and seamlessly integrates with the environment.

QSTECH's W44 series not only offers high light-transmittance and high-definition displays but also prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental protection, providing a more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing indoor advertising display.

Captivating Outdoor Display

For outdoor displays, QSTECH's LED screens boast vibrant colors and clear visibility, making the advertisements stand out and catch the attention of passersby. With high brightness and excellent visibility, the screen ensures that advertising content remains clear even in broad daylight or during nighttime.

At the show QSTECH will demonstrate advanced screen solutions for bus station advertising, featuring the E28 series, which provides dynamic and captivating advertising solutions. Additionally, the exhibition will showcase the Y53 series, Y23 series, and the Y41 series, designed specifically for outdoor naked-eye 3D projects.

Empowering Event Presentations with Rental Screens

The rental scenario marks QSTECH's reentry into the rental screen market, presenting the new flagship product, the RT45 series LED screen. This product caters to mid-to-high-end rental market requirements, primarily employed in outdoor roadshows, exhibitions, concerts, and other events. In the outdoor rental screen market, key challenges are installation and maintenance, display effects, multifunctional splicing, and product protection.

However, the RT45 series addresses these challenges by offering unique solutions. It provides effortless and versatile installation, stunning visuals, and all-round protection. For more details regarding this groundbreaking product, QSTECH welcomes visitors to witness its birth firsthand.

In conclusion, QSTECH cordially invites everyone to visit booth W3400, where its professional team will provide high-end and professional screen solutions. Visitors can look forward to exciting surprises and happy hour events on site. Join the QSTECH team and immerse yourself in this incredible exhibition.

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