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QSTECH Unveils Groundbreaking Innovations at "True Colors" Product Launch Event

May 11. 2024

In a remarkable display of innovation and progress, QSTECH has once again showcased its commitment to excellence at last month's "True Colors" virtual product launch event. Focusing on both scene display solutions and product advancements, QSTECH has achieved remarkable feats in the realm of innovation.

In the realm of scene display solutions, QSTECH introduced a range of smart interactive experiences covering various scenarios such as conferences, education, and exhibitions. These solutions offer differentiated approaches to meet diverse needs:

· Conference
Based on conference service, QSTECH has developed a full-scenario conference solution that seamlessly integrates various systems, including display, video conferencing, speech, sound amplification, intelligent command control, recording, paperless conference, and simultaneous interpretation. This holistic approach ensures a seamless conference experience from start to finish.

· Education
In the educational context, Qing QSTECH collaborates with the CVTE sub-brand Seewo to create an intelligent teaching environment. This environment is built around five key aspects: foundational software and hardware, intelligent application in teaching spaces, comprehensive terminals, and user roles. Focused on five major teaching scenarios, it leverages a variety of terminal products such as LED all-in-one machines, interactive smart tablets, smart blackboards, recording and audio devices, along with various peripherals, all interconnected through an Internet of Things platform to construct an interconnected intelligent teaching space.

· Exhibition
QSTECH leverages its proprietary LED display solutions and platform-based software applications to deliver customized solutions with differentiated display, multi-mode interaction, and open ecosystem integration, catering to the needs of various enterprises and cities.

Furthermore, QSTECH unveiled five new hardware and software products:

· New D27 Series Indoor LED Display
 ✔Brightness≥800 nits
 ✔High display contrast ratio of 15000:1
 ✔Hyper-bit 2.0 algorithm

 With the above features, D27 Series delivers outstanding visual performance, catering to the demands of high-end conference rooms and exhibition halls.

· Next-Gen E28 Series Outdoor LED Display

It achieves breakthroughs in multiple critical technologies, boasting industry-leading low power consumption. With an average power consumption as low as 173W and a maximum consumption below 520W, it reduces energy consumption by a quarter compared to traditional 700W products. For instance, a 500-square-meter outdoor advertising screen can save over 500,000 kWh of electricity and more than 600,000 RMB annually*.
(*This data comes from QSTECH internal calculations)

· Upgraded All-in-One V3 LED Display
Featuring a sleek design, robust multimedia processing capabilities, and unified connectivity, it enhances office spaces with intelligence.This product combines various advantages, such as TUV low blue light certified, 110% NTSC high color gamut display, powerful video signal processing module, radar touch technology, built-in Android and Windows 10 dual systems, etc.

· MaxConfig Software
MaxConfig enables users to wirelessly screen mirroring, program production, screen control, and data transmission, transforming their smartphones/tablets/computers into remote controllers for LED displays, offering ultimate control and convenience.

· QSTECH Cloud Platform
It is a comprehensive large-screen management solution integrating functions such as big-screen information dissemination, remote device management, content scheduling, and data visualization. Built on a distributed architecture, it ensures robust data security and disaster recovery capabilities. Supporting both public cloud and private deployment options, it is adaptable to diverse scenarios.

In addition to product launches, QSTECH has embraced a collaborative approach by partnering with industry-leading brands such as MAXHUB, Tencent Meeting, and Harman to develop intelligent interactive solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance product performance and user experience, driving development across the commercial display industry.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of QSTECH's IP mascot "Brother Pine" symbolizing the company's unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Brother Pine embodies QSTECH's dedication to energy efficiency across its product range.

With Brother Pine by its side, QSTECH looks forward to illuminating the world and creating a brighter tomorrow together with its customers and partners.

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