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Hangjia Expert Forum | QSTECH Wins Annual Most Influential Product Award

Dec 01. 2023

On November 29th, the "2023 Hangjia Expert Display Forum and Aurora Award Ceremony" was held in Shenzhen. This year's display conference consisted of four major sections: "specific forums, white paper releases, exhibitions, and industry awards," aiming to jointly publish trend predictions, convey thoughts and viewpoints, and establish consensus for the future with industry experts and companies.

QSTECH, as a new generation expert in the LED field, was invited to attend the conference and discuss industry hot topics at the critical juncture of "finding incremental markets and expanding application boundaries," jointly exploring the future development of the LED display industry and new incremental markets.

White Paper Accreditation Ceremony for B-Level Participants

The "2023 Mini LED Backlight Survey White Paper" and the "2023 Small-Pitch and Micro-Pitch Display Screen Survey White Paper" were released at the conference, and QSTECH was awarded the "B-Level Participant" certificate.

These two white papers focus on the new changes in the industry's development over the past year, taking stock of the overall situation of global industrial development, project progress, and focusing on hot topics such as development status, production capacity, product characteristics, technological trends, and development trends. The aim is to provide a comprehensive and authoritative information window for enterprise layout, industrial investment, and policy implementation.

Discussing Industry Hot Topics and Trends

The seminar at the 2023 Expert Forum was hosted by Hong Zhen, Deputy Director of the National Electronic Display Device Standardization Technical Committee. Robin Wang, Vice President of QSTECH, and other well-known figures in the LED display industry were invited to participate in the discussion. Focusing on issues such as "market trends in 2024," "development trends of COB and MiP," and "virtual pixel topics," a deep exchange and discussion of thoughts were conducted from their respective fields and perspectives.

Winning the "Most Influential Product of the Year" Award

QSTECH's all-in-one LED display and cinema screen won the Most Influential Terminal Brand Award, while the H27 PRO series LED indoor small-pitch product won the "Most Influential Product of the Year" award. This award is a recognition of the quality and comprehensive strength of QSTECH's H27 PRO series. The QSTECH H27 PRO series is equipped with a 5-in-1 configuration, redefining LED integration, and can achieve dual backup functions for power supply and signal, providing stable use guarantee for important display scenes.

If you would like to learn more about the winning products,feel free to click to the product page:

H27 PRO:

Cinema solution:

All-in-one LED display:

Opportunities and challenges coexist. In the future, QSTECH will continue to adhere to product innovation-driven, focus on market demand, continuously create benchmark products, and accumulate strength to contribute to the healthy development of the industry.

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