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2024 ISE | QSTECH Showcases New Products and Solutions in Spain

Feb 02. 2024

The 2024 ISE was grandly held in Spain, where QSTECH presented a stunning array of products, highlighting the company's display solutions.

New Upgrades to LED All-in-One Display for Smart Conference

According to the "AVC Revo-China Small Pitch LED Industry Analysis Report," since 2019, CVTE (QSTECH's parent company) has consistently ranked first in LED all-in-one display market share in China. This year, with further upgrades, QSTECH has set a new benchmark for intelligent conference scenes.

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Monitoring and Command Center: Dual Backup for Enhanced Security

For monitoring and command center scenarios, We have launched an integrated solution covering display, control, scheduling, and environment. The overall solution can be tailored to the user's current situation and needs, with excellent scalability.

For the screen part, QSTECH's high-end indoor small pitch H27 PRO series is used. The cabinet material adopts die-cast magnesium-aluminum, with a thickness of only 31mm and a single box weight of only 4.8kg, offering high precision and light weight. To ensure data security and stability, the H27 PRO series products can have dual backup for power supply and receiving cards, achieving a high degree of integration with a five-in-one setup. The box adopts distributed power supply technology for precise power supply, reducing screen power consumption and temperature, making it more environmentally friendly.

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TV Studio: Delivering Extreme Realism

The TV studio solution revolves around LED display technology, showcasing a complete studio solution. The new common cathode driving architecture, through intelligent voltage control, can accurately control the power supply voltage of RGB chips, achieving high energy efficiency and low power consumption, and promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. By adjusting the surface material, the C27 can achieve a super high contrast ratio of 20,000:1; the product surface is molded in one step, emitting light similar to a surface light source, soft and non-glaring, reducing visual fatigue; horizontal/vertical viewing angles greater than or equal to 170°, reproducing extreme display effects, providing the audience with the most authentic visual experience.

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DOOH: 50% Reduction in Power Consumption

The E28 series is a new generation of small pitch products launched by QSTECH for outdoor scenarios, offering greater flexibility, lower carbon footprint, and enhanced stability. By removing all internal connection cables of the power supply box and adopting a hard-connected power supply method, it reduces power consumption by 50% compared to traditional products, provides a sleep mode, and can reduce the power consumption of the box to below 2W; it can be paired with solar power generation and energy storage systems to achieve independent networking operation 24/7, maximizing power consumption savings and reducing carbon dioxide emissions; meanwhile, it supports automatic switching between the mains system and the energy storage system to ensure normal operation of the large screen when solar power supply is insufficient.

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QSTECH has been committed to creating more energy-efficient and convenient display products, implementing sustainable development plans, and making it easier for global users to use QSTECH.

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