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QSTECH and Seewo jointly appeared at two major education exhibitions in China

Oct 20. 2023

CVTE's education brand, seewo, and professional LED brand, QSTECH, jointly participated in the 60th China Higher Education Expo and the 82nd China Education Equipment Exhibition in Qingdao, showcasing LED lecture halls and digital classroom display solutions to support the flourishing development of the education industry in China.

LED lecture halls are modern lecture halls built using LED display screen technology, characterized by high definition, brightness, and contrast, providing clear and vivid image and video display effects. The application of this technology in the education field can provide students with a better visual experience and improve teaching effectiveness.

The digital classroom display solution refers to the multimedia teaching platform built in classrooms using LED display screen technology. By displaying courseware, teaching videos, and other content on large screens, students can concentrate better and enhance learning effectiveness. In addition, the digital classroom can be connected to the internet to enable remote teaching and online interaction, providing students with more learning resources and opportunities for communication.

CVTE's education brand, seewo, has been committed to providing advanced teaching technology and equipment for the education industry. By partnering with the professional LED brand, QSTECH, in participating and showcasing LED lecture halls and digital classroom display solutions at the exhibition, the aim is to provide support and assistance for the flourishing development of the education industry in China. Through the exhibition and promotion, it is hoped to attract more educational institutions and schools to pay attention to and adopt these advanced educational technologies, promoting progress and development in Chinese education.

QSTECH Seewo major
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