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CVTE-QSTECH Chairman is Invited to Attend the General Assembly of the Belt and Road International Think Tank Cooperation Committee

Oct 20. 2023
This year marks the tenth anniversary of the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative. On October 18th, President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, summarizing the experience of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative over the past decade.

On October 17th, the Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum on Think Tank Exchanges was held in Beijing., sponsored by Xinhua News Agency. More than 70 guests from the political, academic, and business sectors, including QSTECH Chairman, Mr. Fang Xian, was invited to attend the event. The attendees gather together to discuss the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.

As part of the series of activities of the Third Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum, the Think Tank Exchange Forum of the Belt and Road Initiative has attracted wide attention. During the meeting, participants discussed the opportunities and challenges brought by the Belt and Road Initiative and highly praised the great achievements made by countries participating in the joint construction under China's proposal. Representatives at the event expressed that, standing at a new historical starting point, countries should join hands and make the road of the Belt and Road broader and farther, allowing people from all countries to share the fruits of development.

Over the past ten years, science and technology innovation and cooperation have played an important role in the high-quality construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, achieving positive progress and results. QSTECH has always focused on the theme of "Health, Green, Digital, and Innovation" and embedded the concept of green development into its business development strategy, leading every development and progress.

QSTECH is one of the first companies in the industry to develop energy-saving technologies and products. In 2023, it launched the LED "Carbon" Index Program, establishing a carbon footprint system and continuously promoting carbon reduction work through technological development, product production, and application in various scenarios, building a "green full-cycle" approach. The entire product line can save 12.73 million kilowatt-hours of electricity for owners in one year, which is equivalent to planting 13,022 hectares of broad-leaved forest for the Earth*.

Furthermore, the development philosophy of "leading with technology, driven by innovation" has always been the main thread of QSTECH. With innovative technologies, QSTECH has continuously created a series of products that have influenced the LED industry, including:

1. The first high-integration LED all-in-one display, which has held the first market share in China for four consecutive years, with a market share of over 37% (source: 2019-2023 H1 "China Mainland Narrow LED Market Research Report") in the LED all-in-one machine industry in H1 2023.
2. The first three-in-one board technology, which transforms the "soft connection" in the traditional LED industry into a "hard connection," greatly improving product stability and reliability.
3. The pioneering concept of engineering integration, which has transformed the LED industry from complex engineering projects to convenient integration, effectively promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

The Belt and Road Initiative is rooted in history, enlightens the present, originates from China, and belongs to the world. As a "new generation expert" in the LED industry, QSTECH will actively fulfill the new requirements of the Belt and Road Initiative, promote cooperation and win-win outcomes with governments and enterprises of various countries. With a focus on the LED display industry, QSTECH will continue to promote think tank cooperation and paint a more splendid picture of the Belt and Road, contributing to the early realization of a community with a shared future for mankind.


1. Based on the shipment volume of Qing Song Optoelectronics in 2022, the power consumption difference of products after entering the energy-saving and environmental protection era can be calculated.
2. According to the total annual shipment volume of 53,000 square meters, indoor products work 8 hours a day, and outdoor products work 14 hours a day. Considering maintenance and repair of the screen, it is estimated that the annual electricity savings will be 35,365 * 360 = 12.73 million kWh.
3. According to the data from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's "Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Generation Technologies" report, the carbon emissions per kilowatt-hour is 1023 grams of carbon dioxide. Therefore, the carbon dioxide emissions saved per year will be approximately 12,730,000 * 1023 / 1000 / 10000 = 13022 tons.
4. According to the data from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's "Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Generation Technologies" report, one hectare of broad-leaved forest can absorb 1000 kilograms of carbon dioxide per day. Therefore, the 13,022 tons of carbon dioxide saved is equivalent to planting 13022 million square meters of broad-leaved forest.

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