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Fighting Against COVID-19, QSTECH Shoulders Its Responsibility

Mar 20. 2020

More than one month has passed since QSTECH resumed work and production, and the return rate of employees has reached more than 90%. However, the company is not neglect temperature check and disinfection on daily basis. So far, all employees are in good condition without one infection case. On March 3, government officials of the Party Working Committee of Xi'an High-tech Zone visited QSTECH to inspect the company on epidemic prevention and control, as well as resumption.

Mr. Chen and Mr. Ji, senior executives of the company, accompanied the government officials and introduced in details about the implementation of epidemic prevention work since the company resumed work for one month.

During the visit, government officials of the Party Working Committee came to company's office, production line and products adjustment area, and then stressed government policies on Covid-19 prevention and control. The high-tech Zone will provide full support for the enterprise to resume work and production, and hopes government and enterprises can work together to overcome difficulties.

As for now, QSTECH has actively responded to the call of the government, shouldered its social responsibility, and did a good job in internal epidemic prevention and control. After obtaining government approval, the company has organized employees to return to work orderly, and accelerated the pace, contributing to the recovery of Xi'an city and even the whole industry.

There is no winter will not pass, and the vibrant spring has come. Cheer for one more honor! After strict screening, QSTECH is awarded the prize for “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” of 2019 by Xi’an High-Tech Zone. Dedicated in the LED industry for 28 years, we believe innovation is the driving force for Technology Company, and will carry on bringing commercial success and satisfaction for customers!

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