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ISLE 2024 | QSTECH Redefines LED Scene Solutions

Mar 04. 2024

From February 29th to March 2nd, the International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition (ISLE) was grandly held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. QSTECH unveiled a series of differentiated solutions combining hardware and software. Additionally, LED cinema screens, energy-saving and environmentally friendly outdoor units E28 and Y53 were showcased, attracting numerous professionals from around the world to visit.

Build Complete LED Solutions

Starting from the actual pain points of users, QSTECH integrates "hardware, software, systems, and scenes" comprehensively to help customers systematically solve problems.

Based on the relatively limited physical space of small and medium-sized conference rooms, QSTECH has created highly integrated, stylish, and atmospheric LED all-in-one display through a three-in-one highly integrated design. It has consistently ranked first in the domestic market share of all-in-one machines for five consecutive years*. With COB full flip-chip packaging technology and a 170-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, paired with wireless omnidirectional microphones, it ensures that every attendee can see and hear clearly.

The "Unified Cloud Platform," which integrates screen information release, equipment remote management, BI data visualization, and other modules, can create and edit display content through a system editing interface and publish it to specified LED displays. This solution is compatible with different display devices and is widely used in applications such as subways, airports, exhibition halls, and chain supermarkets.

Create More Energy-Efficient Outdoor Products

The QSTECH E28 series products adopt the most extreme energy-saving solutions, removing all internal connection cables of the power supply box. Power is supplied to the entire cabinet through hard connections, reducing product power consumption. It also provides a sleep mode, which can reduce the cabinet's power consumption to below 2 watts. Equipped with solar power generation and energy storage systems, it can achieve independent networking operation 24/7, maximize power consumption savings, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It also supports automatic switching between the mains power system and the energy storage system, ensuring that the large screen can still operate normally when solar power is insufficient.

The new generation of outdoor fixed products, Y53 series, equipped with five major energy-saving technologies, is efficient, energy-saving, minimalist, beautiful, stable, reliable, convenient, and easy to use. In addition to energy-saving, the Y53 series products are also one of the lightest, thinnest, and most durable products in the industry. Each cabinet weighs only 20.5 kg, with a thickness of only 68 mm, minimizing the installation, transportation, steel structure, and installation space occupation costs for customers.

COB Integrated D27 Series Wins ISLE New Star Product Award

QSTECH D27 series is more flexible in installation and deployment, cost-effective, and has a wider range of application scenarios. It can be freely assembled and combined, integrating LED display control, power management, Android applications, and video processing functions. It does not require additional devices such as distribution cabinets and video processors. A standard power cord can easily apply COB screens in conference scenarios. The QSTECH D27 series is a more understanding and flexible COB product for conferences. At this ISLE exhibition, after strict review and evaluation, it won the "New Star Product Award".

At this ISLE exhibition, QSTECH redefined scene solutions through a combination of hardware and software, once again demonstrating its leading position and innovation capabilities in the audiovisual and technological integration industry. In the future, QSTECH will continue to focus on research and development, launch more high-quality products and solutions, provide better services and experiences to customers, and work with numerous partners to jointly promote the progress and development of the LED display industry.

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*Data from the "AVC Revo-China Small Pitch LED Industry Analysis Report" from 2019 to 2023.

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