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QSTECH Fine Pixel Pitch Products Gathered on 2019 Infocomm

Jun 14. 2019

The 2019 Infocomm USA opens in Orlando National Convention and Exhibition Center from June 12 to 14, which shall attract professional audiences from all over the world, including distributors, manufacturers, industry media and other industry insiders in the audio-visual field.

This year, QSTECH brought its popular fine pixel pitch series and the latest all-in-one LED display terminal to the infocomm. The booth integrates E-sports scenario and high-definition HDR display technology. And the big screen applies HERA series, which owns pixel pitch options of 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm, and 2.5mm, and the cabinet thickness is only 38.5mm. In addition, the series adopts 3-in-1 integrated technology to achieve the advantages of ultra-thin cabinet and fast installation, and has been widely used in large and medium-sized conference rooms, monitoring centers, TV stations, shopping malls and other occasions at home and abroad.

Large Screen + Video Game = Immersive Visual Experience

The interactive large screen used for video games wows every visitor coming to the booth. The large screen uses 2.5mm HERA PRO products, and has 1920 * 1080 standard resolution. The high refresh rate provides the LED display screen with smooth and flicker free display, while the high output color level provides more colorful LED display images, enabling audience have an immersive experience, which is suitable for large-scale E-sports competition display to meet the requirements of on-site viewing and video broadcasting.

High Definition HDR Catches More Details

Expect perfect performance of the big screen at E-sport scenario, Hera Pro 1.5mm panels are spliced into a 3840 * 1080 screen. By applying the HDR technology, the screen can create a displaying effect with lifelike colors. Advantages of high brightness, high definition, high refresh rate and wide color gamut are all integrated in this product.

100% User-level All-in-one Display Product

M WALL is an integrated LED display product, featuring with foldable and auto lifting design.

This product adopts the standard size of 110 ", which is suitable for conference rooms. It is a foldable standard all-in-one LED display, which can in and out elevator or conference room freely with flexible wheels. No need to install and assemble, M WALL is ready to serve from unpacking moment! But more than that, it also has ultra-large viewing angle, plug-and-play operation, and instant interaction by wireless screen sharing function.

Seamless 90 ° Splicing Application

HERA L is a new generation product upgraded from QSTECH's first strip screen product, and is excellent in flexible installation, light structure and convenient maintenance.

It applies 40mm cabinet, and need no extra frame for wall-mounting installation, so as to bring more possibilities for indoor fixed installation market. Moreover, its 90°splicing shall enable various creative applications to present enchanting display effect.

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