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QSTECH LED Display Innovative Solutions Shocked LED CHINA 2021



Have you ever thought that one day your life will be surrounded by various large LED Displays, and all you can see are the visual shocks brought by the large LED Displays...... Such a scene is not fictional. On April 14th, the 19th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA 2021), QSTECH created the future application scenarios of large LED Displays on the spot through a number of innovative product integration solutions.



With the rise of smart cities, the demand for visualization of various emergency command centers such as urban big data management, traffic dispatching, and disaster prevention and emergency response has greatly increased. The command center led display solution provided by QSTECH integrates video and data services. It can provide the interconnection and intercommunication of multiple multimedia information including voice scheduling, video scheduling, remote conference, data upload, and text message recording. Through the distributed integrated management platform, it can realize intelligent, cross-regional and cross-level integrated new command system for routine incidents, major police situations, emergency incidents, event security and other scenarios.


In the traditional retail industry, especially in beauty and footwear stores, in-store advertisements are mostly static and difficult to attract customers, and it takes time and effort to change content. At this exhibition, QSTECH showcased a new generation of smart poster machines focusing on smart retail scenes, which can perfectly display various pictures, videos and other materials, bring visual impact to customers in the store, and achieve the effect of attracting customers.



QSTECH can also perfectly adapt to the publicity needs of advertising media. Its high-definition large led screen has a high refresh rate and high gray level. The picture is more realistic, which meets the high visual quality requirements of commercial users, and can automatically adjust the display brightness according to changes in outdoor environment brightness. Easy to adapt to a variety of light conditions, so that the advertising is always high-definition and eye-catching.


In addition to solutions covering different scenarios, QSTECH also highlighted the new generation of micro-pitch LED display products MINOS series at this exhibition. The MINOS series adopts COB integrated packaging, mass transfer technology and RGB full-flip technology, and has the characteristics of energy saving, high reliability, and high protection level. COB integrated packaging, mass transfer technology, and RGB full-flip technology are currently relatively advanced technologies in the LED field. Products developed through these technologies require no wire bonding during the production process, and the intermediate packaging process is simplified. It can make products achieve higher protection, improve product stability, and improve supply chain efficiency.



QSTECH new generation of micro-pitch LED display product MINOS series not only has a smooth and flat screen surface, but also has a product protection level of IP65. It is anti-slip, anti-impact, anti-collision and abrasion resistance. The product has low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, and the product runs more environmentally friendly and efficient. The inside of the cabinet adopts a dual-backup design, even if one of the components has a problem, the other can work normally to ensure that the screen is not black during important activities. The matte surface allows the viewer to have a high-definition and delicate viewing experience.


From highly targeted scenarios to innovative COB products, it demonstrates QSTECH perseverance in pursuing excellence. QSTECH integrates more innovative technologies into products and solutions, while continuing to provide the visual feast of high-definition led display, it also gives more possibilities to the large LED display, bringing more reliable, stable, smarter, and more user-friendly experience to more industries.

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