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Embarking on a journey of thousands of miles with a strong wind, bearing the weight of a thousand pounds and striving ahead once more

Aug 21. 2023

Visiting Liang Zhiquan, the Product Director of QSTECH CO., LTD. (QSTECH).

In the past few years, LED all-in-one machines have achieved significant success across various industries and sectors. Especially in areas like advertising, commerce, conferences, education, theaters, stadiums, exhibitions, and entertainment, LED all-in-one machines have become the mainstream display devices. However, there's one company that not only leads in the domestic LED display field but also holds the record for the highest market share in the LED integrated display industry in China*. This company is QSTECH CO., LTD. (referred to as "QSTECH" below). The editorial team of "LED display" had the privilege of interviewing Liang Zhiquan, the Product Director of QSTECH, to delve into the secrets behind QSTECH's success in the LED integrated display field.

Craftsmanship Creates Quality, Setting the Benchmark for Excellence

In recent years, QSTECH's LED all-in-one machines have consistently stood out due to their outstanding product quality and continuous innovation, earning the favor of consumers in the market. Liang Zhiquan explained, "QSTECH offers LED all-in-one machines with 16:9 aspect ratios in models ranging from 120 to 220 inches, with resolutions such as 2K and 4K; as well as ultra-wide 32:9 screens in models like 199, 249, and 299 inches with 4K resolution." The core strengths of QSTECH's LED all-in-one machines lie in their convenience through an intelligent system that introduces new application methods, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness through advanced power and system design, and exceptional display quality achieved through meticulous calibration using QSTECH's systems.

QSTECH places a strong emphasis on technological innovation and research and development, boasting a team of highly skilled engineers who continuously explore and study new technologies. They consistently launch high-quality LED integrated display products that meet the market's demands. "For four consecutive years, we have ranked first in both shipments and sales in the LED integrated display industry*," Liang Zhiquan proudly stated. In various industries and scenarios, such as large and medium-sized conference venues, exhibition halls, and small briefing rooms, QSTECH's LED all-in-one machines have been widely utilized. Liang Zhiquan expressed his pride, stating that QSTECH's products are highly integrated and user-friendly, evident in cases like the transformation of a crucial meeting room for a certain enterprise, where QSTECH's LED integrated display meets all application needs with a single power cable.

Seizing Opportunities, Planning Development, and Drawing a New Chapter

The era of the pandemic has accustomed people to remote work, including remote meetings and training among teams. In the post-pandemic era, communication, training, and other activities within and between companies are expected to experience explosive growth. With the diversification of businesses, the demand for large-sized, user-friendly LED all-in-one machines has surged for various local and remote meetings, trainings, and more. Liang Zhiquan believes that LED all-in-one machines will gradually replace traditional displays in spaces below 10 square meters or within spaces of 60 to 300 square meters, as the cost of LED all-in-one machines decreases, driving an accelerated rate of replacement.

QSTECH is poised to respond to this trend by focusing on customer needs, deeply understanding the current market, researching the demands of various stakeholders, and considering factors such as touch experience and visual quality to create products that align with user preferences. Liang Zhiquan noted, "QSTECH's integrated design combines receiver cards, power supplies, and interface boards on a single card with wireless connections. This design shift from 'soft connections' to 'hard connections' eliminates issues caused by aging cables or loose connections, enhancing product stability and reliability." According to related data, QSTECH has held the top market share in the Chinese LED integrated display industry from 2019 to 2022, and updated data shows that its market share exceeded 40% in Q1 of 2023*. Additionally, QSTECH boasts a highly skilled team that possesses deep understanding and mastery of their products, thus establishing a strong brand image and reputation in the market. This marks the beginning of a new chapter of high-quality development for QSTECH's LED all-in-one machines.

Forging Ahead on a New Journey, Riding the Momentum toward the Future

The underlying logic of LED all-in-one machines has evolved from complex engineering to user-friendly integration and high levels of integration. In the future, LED all-in-one machines are expected to appear in even more industries and application scenarios. Wherever a large-sized display is needed, LED all-in-one machines will have a presence. The convenience, energy efficiency, and exceptional display quality of LED all-in-one machines have transformed them from mere LED screens into versatile carriers of various applications. QSTECH is prepared to unleash its potential in the new journey of the future.

It's important to note that while LED all-in-one machines have proliferated like mushrooms after rain, not all products on the market are of high quality. Some products labeled as LED all-in-one machines have provided users with subpar experiences, causing good products to not spread as quickly as expected. Liang Zhiquan suggests that the industry should promptly improve the standards for LED all-in-one machines, ensuring that users have access to safe, user-friendly, and visually appealing LED integrated display products. In the future, QSTECH will further enhance technological innovation and research and development to provide users with higher quality, more advanced LED display products and services.

Lastly, Liang Zhiquan pointed out that Micro LED all-in-one machines are currently conceptual products. True full-process Micro LED all-in-one machines still face many technical challenges and cost pressures. However, looking at the development trend from a technological perspective and based on scenarios, there is significant market potential for Micro LED all-in-one machines in the future. Liang Zhiquan is confident that QSTECH will embrace the opportunities and challenges of the LED integrated display market and will surely make remarkable progress in the development of Micro LED all-in-one machines.

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