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Colorado State University, Crius 6mm, Nichia LED
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Typical projects
Location:  Denver, America
Application:  Advertising
Size:  1.344(L)*1.44(H)(pitch)
Cooperated with old friend - Digital Resolutions again, QSTECH installed 8 more double-faced LED displays in Colorado S...Details>>
Location:  Beijing, China
Application:  Advertising
Size:  46.72(L)*6.4(H)(pitch)
QSTECH provided the high definition LED display with ultra-thin, durable and rear-maintenance Artemis product for the B...Details>>
Location:  Brisbane, Australia
Application:  Advertising
Size:  8(L)*6.4(H)(pitch)
QSTECH built another outdoor full color display for advertising in Australia. The 51.2sqm LED display with Nichia lamps...Details>>
Location:  Moscow, Russia
Application:  Advertising
Size:  75.2(L)*20(H)(pitch)
The super-large Athena Mesh LED display was installed successfully over the main 3rd ring road in Moscow in Feb, 2...Details>>
Location:  Barcelona, Spain
Application:  Sports
Size:  (L)*(H)(pitch)
The indoor full color LED Displays manufactured by QSTECH light up the Handball world championship in Barcelona in 2013...Details>>
Location:  London, UK
Application:  Sports
Size:  209.67(L)*0.648(H)(pitch)
Stellavista Company cooperated with QSTECH and purchased Ares 10.29mm for the rugby match in London, the match was betw...Details>>
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