M31 Series

The horizon between rules is infinite

Integrated machine pre assembly
The integrated box is assembled and delivered, and the components do not need to be assembled again. The quality of wire accessories is guaranteed by the original factory.
Box pre assembly - original wire rod - 8:9 box proportion


Intelligent power supply, high efficiency and energy saving
The intelligent power supply can adaptively adjust the output voltage and dynamically keep the output voltage stable at saturation
The voltage value can better reduce the screen power consumption, respond to the national dual carbon policy, and save energy and environmental protection;
Automatic adaptation - dynamic voltage regulation - stable output

Stable component integration performance
The whole machine has built-in three in one integrated board, which reduces the connection lines, has higher stability and lower maintenance difficulty
Easy maintenance - more stable - low line loss


Light and reliable, easy to install
The box is made of CO mixed gold, which has the characteristics of stable size, high strength, not easy to deform when heated, high temperature resistance, etc.
Blend alloy | 1.4kg overall weight
Non deformable | V-0 fireproof

Rich color, ultimate display
Support correction and data storage, refresh rate up to 3840hz, low brightness and high gray, gray compensation, restore the real color and create a better visual experience;