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Time of issue:2020-09-17 11:16:09

QSTECH Monitoring and Command

Display Solution

Seamless splicing, convenient operation 

Comand and control, efficient cooperation

Data visualization and flat management

Multi-screen linkage, centralized and classified information display





Realize the standard configuration of efficient command,

monitoring, big data visualization and intelligent display construction


widely used in security monitoring, smart city, command and control, traffic dispatching,

enterprise service, exhibition and other fields




TV Broadcasting Center Display Solution


Assist HD TV broadcasting construction 
Data and information centralized broadcast control,

multi-window content switching

With high refresh rate, screen has no image tailing and water ripple phenomenon under the camera shooting, satisfying high requirements of live broadcast

Quiet & low temperature operation to create a high-quality broadcasting environment




Global Innovative 5-In-1 Technology 


Dual backup for power supply and signal, double guards to avoid black screen
World's thinnest dual backup cabinet (38.5mm)

7KG cabinet, fast installation & maintenance


Apply advanced LLC technology, constant voltage output reduces power switch loss,

effectively improves the service life of power supply and stability




HERA PRO Revolutionary 3-In-1 Design 

Industry pioneering integrated board design for power supply, receiving card and hub board 

High stability, high EMC, high integration, and low failure rate

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