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Indoor commercial display Indoor commercial display

QSTECH Indoor Advertising Display Solution

Indoor commercial

Time of issue:2020-04-10 00:00:00

Digital signage has become a major boost in retail display market, QSTECH has devoted time and energy on the software and hardware technology research of indoor retail display products, aiming to provide efficient and smart retail display solutions.


Solution Features

High precision, light-weight structure, fast installation 
Super wide viewing angle, low power comsumption

and energy saving, longer life span 

Able to complete installation projects including arc, round,

right angle, special-shaped, ceiling splicing modes

Remote centralized control, realtime monitoring,

double safe insurance for display operation

QSTECH owns professional and comprehensive product certifications

capable of providing all kinds of customized commericial display solutions


Various Applications

Shopping malls, theaters, airports, subway stations, gas stations,

4S shops, exhibition centers and stadiums

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QSTECH LED Poster Display Solution


Time of issue:2020-09-17 11:15:42

LED Poster Commercial Display Solution

Two multifunctional product series

HD, ready-to-use, simple operation 

First choice for small-size commercial display


CRIUS Multifunctional LED Poster

HD image, high contrast ration and vivid color rendition

80"optional, golden aspect ratio

Light-weight and slim design, flexible installation modes

Multi-units splicing, more creative advertising




CRIUS-I Smart Poster


Multi-units seamless cascade splicing, OSD remote control

5 posters can be spliced into a 138" display with 16:9 aspect ratio




Simple display and control system

mobile phone & PC & USB flash drive
Fast material publish, smart operation

Remote Cloud control and management

One-to-many LAN centralized control

Internet remote publish 
Advertising efficiency improver


Low investment / High return / Various applications


Retail stores / supermarkets / hotels / restaurants / banks / enterprises

/ hospitals / schools / Airports / exhibition centers



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