Outdoor Energy Saving LED Display


Improve customer flow, reduce cost and boost revenue

LED advertising display is featured with high definition, high brightness, vivid color, long viewing distance, wider audience.

Standing out among numerous advertising signs to attract target customers.

Satisfy brand advertising requirements and achieve ideal promotion effect. 

Large Billboard Display Solution

Compared with traditional billboard, digital billboard owns HD image and vivid color displaying. Partnered with 3D technology, digital billboard can present stunning and immersive visual experience to satisfy brand advertising requirements and achieve ideal promotion effect.

Moreover, its 7*24 hour stable operation can help to achieve centralized management of advertising contents, remote status detection, so as to effectively reduce operation cost and improve advertising efficiency.



 Building Facades Display Solution

Make full use of building facade to outshine commercial advertising.

Eye-catching effect brings dynamic energy and attracts more customers even dozens of meters away.

A perfect display solution for large and medium-sized commercial centers, exhibition halls, airports and etc.

Small Digital Signage Display Solutions

In some blocks and pedestrian streets with limited area, a dynamic digital signage shall not only have HD image to satisfy short-distance watching but 

also designed with high IP rating so as to withstand outdoor bad weathers. Therefore, a small LED digital signage can be the best choice for such 

application scenarios.


Customized project, unlimited 

creative display 

Creative display projects including arc, right angle, triangle, cylindrical, circular, 

irregular shaped screen can be realized through LED display splicing, bringing 

audience more unexpected visual experiences

High efficiency, energy saving,

lower  power consumption reduction and operation cost

Low screen temperature rise, self-dissipation function, no need for extra air condition, saving cable and power supply investments
Low failure rate with improved system efficiency and stability
Delay the decay speed of LEDs and prolong the service life of display screen


Anytime, anywhere
Your LED screen is in control

Support multi screen synchronous / asynchronous playback
Centralized control remote operation / monitoring


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