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QSTECH Indoor Commercial Display Solution Stands Out at LED CHINA Shenzen 2020



The 17th Shenzhen International LED exhibition, From September 1 to 3, came to its second day. Although it was delayed by seven months due to the impact of the Covid-19, as one of the most influential LED display theme exhibitions in China, the exhibition plan was finally determined in the middle of the year. This year's Shenzhen exhibition is particularly grand and special because of the momentum accumulated in past six months. More than 1000 brands in the industry gathered in Futian Pavilion of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, presenting the latest and best exhibits and industry trends for visitors.  


QSTECH, which has been well prepared for LED CHINA 2020 Shenzhen for half a year, has brought the indoor commercial display family to the show. DORIS indoor flexible fixed installation, HERA L creative 90°square column splicing and CRIUS intelligent retail LED poster are installed to create a immersive experience at the booth.



Versatile DORIS           

The Doris series, which joined the QSTECH indoor product line at the end of 2019, has been favored by many customers as soon as it is launched. The series owns a standard but flexible small cabinet, and its 8:9 size design can easily achieve 16:9 standard display requirements. The pixel pitch choice of DORIS covers 2.5mm and 3mm. Wall-mounting and hanging installation modes are available, and it can be maintained from both front and rear sides, which greatly saves labor time and cost. At this year's Shenzhen exhibition, the hanging installation of DORIS has made its debut. The audience can feel the high-definition silky image quality when standing in front of the screen, and can see the light and beautiful of the box when they come to the side and back of the screen.




Seamless HREA L

At QSTECH’s booth, HREA 90°square column splicing has become the eye-catching magic cube in the exhibition. In addition to its long-strip cabinet feature, HERA L cabinet with 45 ° bevel angle can truly realize seamless right angle splicing, providing a perfect solution for column application. With the vivid demonstration materials, Hera L is especially suitable for advertising in shopping malls and retail stores.



Smart CRIUS            

QSTECH’s commercial display star CRIUS intelligent HD LED poster series has developed two generations of products. And of course, visitors won’t miss the series at booth. Inside the booth, one CRIUS is mounted on the wall to present retail store display application, and the other two posters stand aside in the way of seamless splicing. Except smooth and simple design, the CRIUS is equipped with HDMI, USB and various ports, and featured with plug-and-play operation and remote intelligent management.


The offline booth is lively and the online live stream also attracted lots of audience. In order to make it convenient for customers who can't visit the booth to experience the products in real time on the screen, QSTECH arranged live stream of products in five languages including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English and Russian on the online platform provided by Shenzhen exhibition. With the professional multi language anchors and various themes, customers can experience products as if they were at the booth.

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