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Back to Work! QSTECH Resumes Normal Operation


At present, it is an urgent responsibility for every enterprise to carry out effective epidemic prevents and control measures. From February 3rd, all staff of QSTECH began to work from home, and the company's operation resumed normally. According to the relevant policies of Xi'an municipal government on enterprises production resumption, QSTECH, in strict accordance with the requirements of the government, has reasonably reserved epidemic prevention materials, improved the environment for resumption, and reported the health status of employees on daily basis. After the review of government agencies and expert groups, QSTECH has obtained the qualification of work resumption in Xi'an on February 10, 2020. 


February 12 is the first day for QSTECH employees to return to offline work. According to the guidelines for entering the company issued by the HR department, the company resumed work in an orderly manner. Before entering the company, employees shall take temperature measurement and provided with a mask, and vehicles shall be disinfected. In order to strengthen the prevention and control work, the company also implements close management, strictly supervises the entering of external personnel and vehicles. In addition to cleaning and disinfection every day, the company has purchased materials such as disinfectant, spray pot, plastic basin and dishcloth, so as to facilitate employees to disinfect their own areas and clean their desks. Moreover, the company will prepare vitamin C effervescent tablets to help employees enhance their immunity.



At the beginning of 2020, enterprises are suffered a serious setbacks of Covid-19. It is critical to control the risk and adjust the strategy in a special period so that to survive and develop, and shoulder the social responsibility. In the face of such challenges, QSTECH has actively carried out solution to mobilize resources to keep providing high-quality products and service. And we firmly believe that the severe winter of the epidemic will come to an end. Let's fight against Covid-19 together, and welcome the bright future in 2020!

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