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QSTECH Won “Top 10 Brands” Again in 2018



On December 20, 2018, the award ceremony of "Win the Era · Brand Future" 2018 was held in Shenzhen Jingji 100 Ruiji hotel. The annual event of LED display industry was hosted by Huicong LED screen network. There were more than 500 guests from LED display industry association, LED enterprise, distributors, engineers and media attending the event to witness the glory of LED display industry together!



As the highlight of the event, the award ceremony of “Top 10 Brands of 2018” lit up the passion of the guests. After more than three months of online and offline voting and professional evaluation by industry experts, QSTECH finally stood out from more than 950 enterprise awards and won the award of "top 10 Brands of 2018"! Cheer for this honor again with QSTECH!

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