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QSTECH All-in-one LED Conference Display Terminal Hits LED CHINA Shanghai



In September, the most noteworthy event for the industry is the 14th Shanghai International LED Exhibition (LED China), which has dropped curtain in Shanghai. The exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 19 to 21. More than 1000 enterprises gathered to present latest products and technology, attracting professional audiences from 120 countries. 


At this exhibition, QSTECH launched a new product called X WALL LED conference display terminal in E2 hall. By creating the conference room application scenario, QSTECH aimed to present the innovative LED display system application with live keynote speech.  



New Product Launch- X WALL LED Conference Display Terminal          

"QSTECH X WALL LED conference display terminal" (hereinafter referred to as "X WALL") is a new product developed by QSTECH in 2018. It is an integrated LED display system especially for conference display application, which can meet the display requirements of various large and medium-sized conference rooms, and shall be widely used in enterprise conference rooms, multi-function halls, training rooms, classrooms, exhibition centers, cinemas and etc.


At present, X WALL owns four options of 110 ", 138", 165 "and 220" with standard 16:9 resolution, which can be suitable for video displaying. And the product has HD display effect and can accurately display conference data and chart information. The thickness of the screen is as thin as 38.5mm, so it can be easily hung on the wall or installed on the seat to save the installation space. Moreover, its functions of one-button-startup, user-friendly remote control are outstanding competences. 



Through the connection of external devices, X WALL can realize screen writing, mobile phone screen mirroring, multi-window display on the screen, QR code scanning to share conference notes, and etc., which will be a product to empower efficient conference.



Creative Display Solution with CRIUS LED Poster        

Nowadays, conventional display products cannot meet the needs of the rapid development in commercial display market. And it’s time to recommend CRIUS LED poster, which is horizontally mounted on the wall at QSTECH booth to create a retail store application. Besides hanging installation, CRIUS can also realize foot mounting, hoisting and multi-units splicing. Regardless of the area of stores, it is a product to bring more vitality. Therefore, CRIUS LED poster can be widely applied in large and medium-sized commercial shopping centers, retail stores, conference rooms and exhibition centers, hotels, airport stations and other places


In addition to the above exhibits, QSTECH has also built a “display ladder” by 9 HEBE strip displays. Designed with flexible cabinet, the series can realize both standard large screen splicing and creative projects.



With 26 years of experience in providing professional LED display solutions, QSTECH is capable of quick response to customers’ needs, thus to work out the best display solution for countless projects around the world.

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