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QSTECH 1908㎡Naked-eye 3D Large Screen Won the Yishijilu (2021) China Outdoor Advertising Award



2021 (Xining) China Outdoor Advertising Forum is a large-scale industry forum with high level, large scale and wide influence in the outdoor advertising industry of China. In order to enrich the content of the forum and promote the development of the outdoor advertising industry, the organizer Yishi Media carried out certification activities such as "Yi Shi Ji Lu (2021) China's Best Outdoor Advertising". After a one-month review and selection, QSTECH won the award with its 1908㎡Naked-eye 3D Large Screen project.


Naked-eye 3D Large Screen


In June 2021, QSTECH 1908㎡Naked-eye 3D Large Screen was put into use in Xi'an Xiaozhai Commercial District International Trade Shopping Center. The LED display has a high-definition display effect with 8K resolution. The display screen with 265° curved arc can bring the audience a full range and multi-angle visual impact. The whole screen has nearly 20 million pixel dots with 7680Hz refresh rate and 8000nits maximum brightness, which represents an industry-leading level.

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