Domestic pre-sale

Job profile
1. Channel development. Responsible for implementing sales and marketing plans according to the company's marketing strategy, actively looking for and approving channel providers and developing channel cooperation schemes;
2. Channel management. Be responsible for mastering and analyzing the channel situation of the industry, formulating effective channel strategies, providing resource support to channel customers in terms of sales, technology and products, maintaining communication with channel customers, jointly promoting product marketing and services, and collecting market and customer demand information;
3. Formulate work plans and business strategies according to the regional strategic objectives and specific business objectives, and implement them;
4. Sales management. According to the company's marketing strategy, implement the promotion of the company's products and sales strategy, make sales forecast, actively organize business negotiations with agents, strive for customer orders, achieve sales objectives, and ensure the collection of accounts receivable.
Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, marketing, enterprise management, computer and electronics;
2. Have good interpersonal and communication skills, keen market sensitivity and strong adaptability; Have high working enthusiasm and knowledge of marketing and channel strategy management;
3. Be able to skillfully use English (or other foreign languages) to communicate with customers in written and oral form;
4. More than 2 years overseas working experience is preferred.
5. Xi'an, Guangzhou and Shenzhen
salary range