C27 Series

A New Generation of COB LED Display Product


COB Integrated Packaging, High IP Rating

Apply full-flip COB processing to bring smooth screen surface with sealed components, anti-collision and impact resistance performance, waterproof, moisture-proof and antistatic ability.

High Protection Level | Easy Clean | Longer Lifespan


New Drive Architecture, High Efficiency & Low Power Consumption

New common cathode drive architecture combines with dynamic energy-saving driver IC, lowering internal energy consumption of light-emitting chip thus to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

Common Cathode Energy Saving | Low Power Consumption | High-quality Driver IC


High Contrast, Rich Color Levels Presentation

20000:1 super high contrast brings outstanding visual enjoyment.

Viewing Angle≥170°| 20000:1 High Contrast |2K/4K/8K Display


Black Technology Enhances Picture Quality

With self-developed Hyper-bit technology, the gray scale presentation can be improve by 16 times to restore more details.

Image enhancement technology | Hyper-bit


Dual-Calibration Tech Restores True Colors

Professional COB calibration technology is adopted to eliminate color block,mosaic and other faults on LED screen through the self-developed algorithm to collect data from screen, ensuring display effect consistency.

Self-developed Algorithm | Dual-Calibration Tech


Slim and Light-weight Structure Saves Onsite Space

Ultra-slim module without bottom shell and bracket;

Cabinet applies die-casting magnalium structure with 31mm thickness features high precision and light weight;

fully front-access installation and maintenance enable space saving assembly without extra maintenance route.

31mm Cabinet Thickness| Front-access Installation & Maintenance | Hot Swap | Wall-mounting Installation