Ultra-Wide X WALL PLUS

LED All-in-one Display Terminal


Integrated Design, Stable and Reliable Performance

Free from peripheral devices including LED controller and video processor, as well as complex wiring and adjustment.

No Peripheral Devices | 3-in-1 Design | Self-developed Underlying Technology | Built-in Intelligent System


Ultra-wide Vision, Perfect Viewing Experience

Wide screen offers unlimited viewing experience with 32:9 aspect ratio, and ensures high definition and stunning effect when playing static image and high-speed dynamic image.

No Optical Splicing Seam | 3840*1080 Resolution | High Gray Scale Level under Low Brightness


Various Modes for Different Application Scenarios

Support different screen display modes according to application scenarios, and real-time wireless mirroring share via PC, mobile phone and tablet.

Wireless Screen Share | Remote Control | Built-in Video Processor


* Support PC (Windows, macOS) to transmit screen contents to LED screen through wireless screen transmitter without affecting Internet access function. Wireless screen transmitter is standard accessory product;

Support screen share function via mobile phone/tablet (Android/ios) by hot spots connection of QSTECH LED all-in-one display terminal. PC end shall support Windows 7 and above, macos 10.10 and above, mobile phones, tablets shall support Andriod5.0, ios 9.0 and above the operating systems.


Product parameters

Screen size
Screen resolution (W x H) (point)
Overall size (mm)
Installation method
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