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HERA is an upgrade version of fine pixel pitch products launched by QSTECH in 2016 with P1.2 / P1.6 / P2.0 pixel pitch. Inheriting excellent features of HERA–M, HERA added dual backup of the power supplies and the receiving cards, which quadruples the reliability. Aiming at meeting high standard requirements of indoor HD display, HERA can completely replace the traditional LCD and DLP products with high contrast, large viewing angle and seamless splicing.

HERA is designed for various applications such as broadcasting studios, control rooms, command centers, monitoring centers, pavilions, conference rooms etc.



· Aluminum cabinet and fan-less design ensure better heat dissipation and noiseless environment.
· Hot back-up for both power supply and panel receiving card guarantees high reliability.

· Bridge board design reduces failure rate.

· Precise size, seamless splicing, light weight.

·Simplified cabling arrangements for both horizontal and vertical cascading connections.

· Radiant color calibration system.

· 3D ready with VESA standard.

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