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  • Mashhad, Iran
  • 10.66mm(Pitch)
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  • Osaka, Japan
  • 6mm(Pitch)
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  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • 16mm(Pitch)
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  • Denver, USA
  • 12.3mm(Pitch)
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The 4th generation ARTEMIS family product – ARTEMIS XT – is a revolutionary step for QSTECH. It brings many good features to a perfect LED display solution. The slim & light weight designs reduce the installation cost to the minimum. Cluster LED layout and high contrast louver design provide smooth images. Benefiting from aluminum die-casting technology, ARTEMIS XT is produced with high precision to achieve a seamless surface on the display. The heat from the LED and drivers is conducted directly to the aluminum body which also works as a heat sink. QSTECH is very proud to have developed this advanced and efficient system.



· Durable, reliable, precisely made

Aluminum die-casting, fanless design

Small expansion coefficient

QSTECH robust electronics design

· Well-performing

High contrast louver design with rain channel

Light tight design, no blocks on the image

QSTECH processing with Radiant Calibration System

· Light-weight

38kg/sq.m. for panel with light-weight sub-frame structure design

· Slim

177mm including cabling, 260mm including sub-frame structure

· Curvable

Perfect rounding off for 6m radius convex curve

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