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  • QSTECH Officially Signed COB Strategy Cooperation Agreement with Ledman
  • 12-03-2018

On Sunday, March 4, QSTECH’s Chairman Frank Zhao, QSTECH’s CEO Simon Chen, Chainzone’s CEO Zhang Haohua and other company executives were invited to attend Ledman Third-generation COB Fine Pixel Pitch Display Panel New Product Release, and officially signed a COB strategy cooperation agreement with Ledman at the meeting.

The release was held at Guangzhou Pazhou Shangri-La Hotel 2 p.m. Taking “Ingenious Chip to Display Future” as the theme, Ledman officially launched the third-generation COB display technology and COB new generation product. Besides, a series of solutions targeting different industry demands and application scenarios also made its debut.   

Established in 1992, QSTECH is a high tech company covering LED display technology R&D, display panel production, sales service and system integration, which is known as the company with longest LED display experience in China. Since the company has started its global business from 2004, QSTECH LED display products had exported to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, lighting up fields including commercial display, message publish, sports, VMS and etc. Powered by solid R&D strength and rich project experience, the QSTECH has built its reputation around the world. Now, QSTECH owns more than 70 independent display R&D patents, and its LED VMS product has passed EU EN12966 standard.

With long-term LED package technology, LED display technology patents and techniques accumulation, Ledman has successfully developed the third-generation COB fine pixel pitch product. Its COB display technology combines LED integrated package technology with LED intelligent display control technology to attain technique breakthroughs, and thus to bring LED display panel a better protective performance.

QSTECH’s Chairman Frank Zhao signed COB Strategy Cooperation Agreement with Ledman’s Chairman Li Mantie

Relying on Ledman’s outstanding domestic COB fine pixel pitch product R&D strength and QSTECH's rich international market resources and experience, two sides shall make a big step in the COB display market. We believe such win-win cooperation will bring a new dimension to global fine pixel pitch display market, which can promote industry upgrade at the same time. Fine pixel pitch LED display industry has entered a high-speed development phase. As related industry indicates fine pixel pitch LED will still keep ultra high speed growth in future 2-3 years, and its market size will close to 100 billion RMB in 2018.

On the release, Ledman’s chairman and CEO Li Mantie also introduced Ledman’s LED package display technology, techniques development, patent achievement and team growth after 14 years, and emphasized LED fine pixel pitch COB display panel will be Ledman’s product and technology strategic focus in next 3 years.

China Optical and Optoelectronics Industry Association Display Application Branch Director Guan Jizhen affirmed the innovation of Ledman photoelectric from the aspects of industry development trend, market capacity and customer demand.

The Big Screen Performance Report CEO Zhang Qiang, taking "Fine Pixel Pitch 2.0 Age" as the theme, narrated the limitations of the existing display technology and the inevitability of COB era for the LED display industry. He then elaborated COB technology characteristics, COB era market characteristics and etc.

The M series COB HD display panel officially launched by Ledman includes M1.9, M1.5 and M1.2. COB display technology is a next generation product for LED fine pixel pitch display, which is utterly different from SMD discrete device display technology, and can realize smaller pixel pitch to 0.5 mm and guarantee better performance by integrate package of LED chip, PCB board and IC. Compared with former generation, the new generation product has better performance in the aspects of contrast, splicing, definition, light failure ration and etc.

Therefore, Ledman pioneering third-generation COB fine pixel pitch display technology in the industry enables LED display panel with even-better protective performance(shockproof, crashproof, moistureproof, dustproof and front waterproof), reliability(lower unboxing failure ratio and longer service life), contrast, image quality, more flexible splicing mode and higher environmental compatibility, which can be widely applied in monitor center, control center, conference room, commercial display and other indoor solutions. According to Ledman’s information, a mass production will be realized in March. 

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