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  • Time Traveling: 2017 QSTECH Preeminent Projects Revisiting
  • 05-03-2018

QSTECH sees 2017 as the year with challenges and opportunities existing side by side and would never cease its innovative steps despite of difficulties and setbacks. Looking back to the whole year, QSTECH products has received rave reviews both at home and abroad, and contributed more creative and successful projects in the fields of customized displaying solutions.

      Now, let's revisit all those QSTECH preeminent projects through 2017.

Philippines No.1 Largest LED Billboard

      A giant outdoor LED billboard with the area of 570 lit up one thriving commercial street in the Philippines, which can be called as one of QSTECH masterpieces and now is known as the No.1 largest outdoor display in the Philippines.

Russia ATHENA Project

      QSTECH ATHENA displays can be found in major roads of Russia. The newly installed one in 2017 owns an area of 268, which has been working stably despite of extreme weathers including heavy snow and freezing temperature, adding a warm touch for passing cars in winter.

      Above two ATHENA displays were installed in Moscow, Russia. With max areas of 420 and 360 covering exterior wall, the displays can guarantee interior lighting and become eye-catching decoration at the same time. Moreover, two displays have brought more AD revenue for customers by fascinating displaying effect.

Iran Mashhad Imam Reza Shrine Project

Four ARTEMIS XT outdoor LED displays (10.66mm pixel pitch) of QSTECH lit up Iran Mashhad Imam Reza shrine, which are shine like jewels on the crown of colorful mosaic walls.


Indonesia Jakarta Project

In Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, QSTECH LED display debuted near the Indonesian National Independent Monument (Monas) and the presidential palace where tons of tourists visit every day. The project adopts QSTECH outdoor display ARTEMIS XT 10.66mm with a total area of 158 .


Morocco Adidas Flagship Store Project

      TheARTEMIS outdoor display from QSTECH is installed on the external wall of Adidas flagship store located in Morocco, helping this world-famous sportswear brand to advocate its sport spirit by displaying advertisement videos around the clock.


UK Brighton Football Club Project

      Brighton football club is located in Brighton Falmer, Sussex County, UK, and QSTECH ARES perimeter has become a loyal partner to guard the court. Fearless of human eyes and camera lens, ARES can precisely and vividly display advertisements and information of the sponsors.


Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Project

      Nine small-sized outdoor displays shine up at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. With semi outdoor waterproof cabinet design, the 3mm display has a total area up to 48 , and can present vivid images to satisfy close-range watching regardless of limited installation space.

Mexico Sinaloa Marathon Press Conference

Mexico Land Rover 4S Store Project

Mexico Shopping Mall Project

Mexico BBVA Bank Project

      In the era of booming shopping malls and retail stores, advertisement efficiency can be the key to success. The QSTECH ARTEMIS indoor products series installed in Mexico's banks, shopping malls, event press conferences, 4S store applications give us good examples.


Xi'an Feng Dong Management Committee Fine Pixel Pitch Project

Hanyang University Project

HD indoor fine pixel pitch projects developed by QSTECH settled down in Xi'an Feng Dong Management Committee and the Hanyang University in South Korea. HERA series is adopted in above projects, which can be a perfect alternative for traditional LCD and projection products especially in places have HD display requirement including company hall, school conference and etc.


Switzerland Lausanner TV Station

      The Switzerland Lausanner TV station project contains two 18.5mx2m curved displays. The area of each screen is 37 , and the project is mainly used for the daily broadcast of TV station. The display can realize whole screen or multiple windows program broadcasting. QSTECH has always committed to offer more high-quality products for LED display market.


Xi’an Centuryginwa Shopping Mall Project

Xi’an Wangfujing Shopping Mall Project

      Small-sized LED poster CRIUS, specially designed for shopping mall and retail store, has made its debut in Xi’an two high-end shopping malls. It can fit in different places of shopping mall and realize easy operation by plug-in. Its slim body ensures free move and stable performance enables energy saving. With high brightness and dynamic displaying effect, the poster can easily attract customers from a long distance.


      2018 marks 26th anniversary of QSTECH, we will continue to brave the wind and waves on the sea of LED industry, and dedicate to provide every customer with better quality products and display comprehensive service solutions to greet another decade.

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