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  • Lit Up The City Light-Manhattan
  • 15-02-2018

Every morning, millions of people from Long Island and New Jersey flow into the metropolis called Big Apple. They usually jump on trains or subways to get to the PENN Station, and then enter Downtown New York, crossroads of the world.


At downtown there, you may find rush steps on the streets or enormous amount of capital flows in the financial market, and you certainly wont miss an enchanting display, a masterpiece of QSTECH Athena Mesh product, when you look up to the sky. For more than 1000 days of its service, the display has faced challenges of blizzard, summer heat and piercing draught. Not only has it stood the test of time, but also become a part of the city to welcome 8 million New Yorkers to start their each busy working day and light up their way back to homes every night.

We are willing to provide this great city with more and better QSTECH products and local service, relying on our sales center and service center based in New York.


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