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  • CRIUS series of 72 inches, 80 inches, 89 inches is officially launched
  • 31-01-2018

CRIUS is a specially designed series product targeting at indoor HD intelligent LED advertising player with highly integrated hardware, ultra-thin and light body. There are three selectable pixel pitch of P1.8mm, P2.5mm, P2.6mm and three selectable common sizes of 72inch, 80inch and 89inch, which can meet the requirements of users on different pixel pitch and sizes. The structure of the whole series is light and thin with quick maintenance, and the integrated intelligent controller can bring smooth video display, which can achieve better performance on display effect and user experience. Installation options including foot-mounting and wall-mounting etc., which are available for all CRIUS products.In addition, CRIUS supports WIFI and mobile APP communication. The biggest highlight is the release of APP materials, which realized remote clustered-control and management of internet, improve the customers advertisement putting efficiency and increase the benefits.

CRIUS series can be widely installed in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, government agencies, and hospitals etc.


(1)   High-definition visual experience——Three pixel pitch of P1.8mm, P2.5mm, P2.6mm can be selected with high refresh rate3840Hzand high brightness, the brightness increased 3 times compared with conventional LCD (400 nits). Vivid and colorful picture provide users fantastic visual effect.

(2)   A lot of sizes can be selected——Sizes of 72inch, 80inch, 89 inch can be selected with approximate 169 standard resolution display, which has 1/2 reduction in cost compared to the LCD display of same size.

(3)   Ultra-thin and light-weight body——The minimum thickness of the whole series products is 38mm with weight less than 25kg, easy and convenient installation and movement, which can be moved by only one person.

(4)   Optional installation solutions——Hanging , foot-mounting and wall-mounting can be realized to meet different demands.

(5)   Various work modes—— In addition to a single module work independently, multiple modules can be combined together creatively, bringing a variety of display effects, thus to improve the advertising efficiency for customer.

(6)   Elegant appearance design——Aluminum- alloy frame and acrylic glass surface , delicate appearance and customized border color attract more attention, and numbers of visitors increase by 74% at least.

(7)   Multiple communication modes——Communication via USB, network cable and WIFI, increasing service efficiency.

(8)   Highly integrated hardware design—— Integrated internal control system, processor and power supply ensure the module can be independently communicated and managed without other hardware, no license fee, and the CTU (cost to use) is low. On average, only $4 per day, however the income will increase by 2.5 times.

(9)   Internet remote cluster control and management——At office, home and other places, user can send the broadcast content to CRIUS anywhere in the world ,and even conduct cross-control (multiple advertisers sharing) and graded playback.

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