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  • The outdoor application with high resolution in small size
  • 29-12-2017

With the development of the outdoor LED display, the application scene of the display is no longer limited to large outdoor display that is installed on the big building or billboard that could be seen from hundred meters away. The application like small, let’s say less than 10m2, LED displays and billboards have sprung up in some new segment market.

Imagine the billboards on a pedestrian street, or a display on the wall of a storefront, by the high brightness of outdoor LEDs and real-time changing pictures and videos as its unparalleled advantages, the small LED displays could always take considerable advertising revenue. However small LED displays need small pixel pitch for high resolution which could not be realized by 10mm or even 6mm pixel pitch.


So Artemis ST 3.9 emerges as the times require.


High brightness

0~6000cd/m2 brightness, meet the brightness of the day from noon to night. 



IP65 front and IP54 rear, could be installed in any urban environment, no matter it is in or out of home.


Front or rear maintenance

Front maintenance makes the services much easier.


High resolution in small size

Take the Artemis ST 3.9 as example; it displays a standard 4:3 video with 1024x768 resolution in 12m2, and provides greater economic benefits with less cost in limited city resource.


Thin and light

Panel thickness 120mm. Saves installation space.

Panel weight 20kg with aluminum cabinet and 30kg/panel with steel cabinet. Easy delivery and installation.

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