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  • QSTECH's Indoor fixed product Hebe S newly launched 1.9 mm pixel pitch
  • 29-12-2017

In the rapid development of China's LED industry for several decades, the Chinese commercial display market has achieved rapid and vigorous development. With the continuous expansion of the scope of application, the global market significantly into the fast lane, especially the chinese commercial display market, which shows a huge potentiality of the development.

       Commercial display applications mainly in the indoor environment. Hebe S series is a new product made by QSTECH for indoor commercial display applications, with pixel pitch options for 1.9/2.6/3.1/3.9mm. The series has a new die-casting aluminum cabinet design, bringing lightweight and solid mechanical structure. Single panel only weighed 7.5kg and measured 80mm thickness, which can be quickly installed and transported. Perfect combination of die-casting aluminum cabinet and location column design effectively improves the module and cabinet splicing precision, ensuring that the entire screen is flat without seam. High refresh and gray scale processing create a colorful and vivid picture quality. The new smart module detection and power backup function improved 2 times the reliability and reduced the maintenance cost by half.

       There is no doubt that Hebe S is the first choice for your commercial display applications.

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