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  • What is your favorite indoor LED display?
  • 30-09-2017

Indoor LED display is the largest application market in LED display industry, there are more and more manufacturers and products, but the quality and performance are uneven. Each product series of QSTECH are through a comprehensive market research, then position a new series product, which is customers need most. For indoor fixed LED display, we also do a detailed research on the module size, cabinet material, cabinet shape, processing methods and so on. On the basis of the above research, we ultimately determine the product form.


At present, the size of the indoor fixed installation module are mainly about 240×240mm, 250×250mm, 288×288mm, 300×300mm, 500×250mm, etc., the customer's most satisfied module size is as follows: 

The size of the module is mainly square, one of the most suitable size 250mm which can be used in rental and fixed installation market is most satisfied with customers. Followed by the popular size is 500×250mm, it is easy to install, but for P3.9 and other smaller pixel pitch, it is not flexible for module stitching.


Cabinet is one of the most important factors in the quality of the LED display, the material of the cabinet determines the effective heat dissipation, weight and thickness of the product. The processing methods affect the flatness and stitching, deeply affect the viewing effect. The shape of the cabinet determines whether the product can be spliced in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different sizes. Which processing methods, materials and cabinet shape are favorite for customers? The statistics are as follows:

As the statistics shows, customers pay more attention to the aluminum material, the traditional cube cabinet ( power box in the middle) is the most popular form of cabinet. The processing mode of the cabinet is changed from sheet metal into profile and die cast aluminum, thus bringing higher stitching accuracy.

Through a professional customer demand data analysis, QSTECH recently launches a new indoor fixed installation product named Hebe S, which module size is 250×250mm, cabinet size is 500×500mm, all the size are easy to stitch a variety of sizes. The die casting aluminum cabinet realizes the fast seamless splicing of module, and brings the smooth quality display effects. Hebe S is the first choice for all kinds of indoor fixed installation applications. Welcome to consult. 

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