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  • Again the LED China
  • 30-09-2017

Shanghai LED exhibition, which is one of the most famous fair in LED industry just closed successfully. It’s been 13 years since 2005, gathering over 600 enterprises from the very beginning. It witnesses the prosperity of Chinese LED industry.


As the pioneer of full-color LED display in China, Xi’an QS technology company made the first Chinese LED display in 1994.From that moment, Chinese LED industry stepped into prime time on the basis of solid manufacturing capability and opening policy, plus the huge demand of market. So far, China has been the undisputed No.1 LED exporter. The amount of import in the US, Germany, Russia is 39.4%36.2%46.7% respectively. Chinese LED display certainly outstand in numbers, but lack of brand value. Obviously, the majority amount of export is OEM, cannot be on par with Darko, etc. And it’s one of issues that Chinese LED industry are facing. Except that, homogenization and price war are inevitable in Chinese LED industry.

The net worth of LED display will be 300 billion, it means LED market will be booming. With SAMSUNG on board, there will be strict requirements came up with by market and finance. For the domestic LED participators, both challenges and opportunities exist. Like every high-tech industry does, only focus on researching & improving products more, will we find a way out of severe price war and competitions. And build up the brand fame.

Specialize in creating value, QS Tech has been keeping company with the development of LED technology over 25 years. As the pioneer, we are more professional than any others from the beginning.

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