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  • A thinner and faster solution Artemis LT
  • 30-08-2017

Artemis LT is the fourth product of Artemis, a nine years old product series for outdoor fixed installation. It inherits the design philosophy like consistently stable PCB and high-quality material from all Artemis product, and insist the classic mid-vertical-power box as its basic feature, and layout 2 x 4 pieces of modules at the two sides of the power box. The modules are still sealed by a back cover with “waistline” as visual perception element. The total thickness of the panel is also controlled within 105mm. All of these make Artemis LT extremely recognizable. On performance aspect, dual-latch driver ICs and golden wire LEDs guarantee high refresh rate and longer working life.

Artemis LT is designed for higher cost ratio with better using experience. New designed lock system allows new maintenance experience from the front and rear. We reduce its thickness and weight as much as possible by controlling the thickness at a level of 30%-50% lower than the normal product in the market. By this the customer transportation costs, installation cost could be reduced. At the same time, we increase the module handle size, the holding could be more comfortable and stable.


With a lot of new design and products features, the price of Artemis LT is also attractive. For more information please contact the

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