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  • 30-08-2017

This is an email by a QSTECH sales whose name is Chris. This email is considered to be a reflection of QSTECH style.


“Hi Leon,


Today I want to talk to you about the power consumption of the LED display.


As we all know, choosing a LED screen depends not only on the purchasing budget but also on the payment of electricity. Choose a cheap price but high-power cost LED screen, electricity consumption might be 2 times higher or even more then in the future time, and these high costs can order a new screen. Therefore, low-power cost LED screen very important.


Here are few factors that affect power consumption.


First, the initial brightness of the LEDs. If the initial brightness of the LEDs is higher than the using brightness, for example, 8500cd/m2 initial brightness and 6000cd/m2 using brightness, the power consumption will be reduced. While using the same brightness with initial brightness, the power consumption will remain at a high level.


Secondly, driver ICs. Different IC have different parameters and other different features. Here an important parameter is the turn voltage, a good IC its breakover voltage is only 0.3V, and some pool quality IC is about 0.5V. This a 40% difference. For example, our Artemis XT10mm, scanning mode 1/2, module 24 * 24 pixel pitch, that is, each module has only 54 ICs, the module resolution is 96 * 96, that is, 864 ICs, which also takes up lots of the power consumption.


Third, the power supply. Here electronic conversion efficiency is very important, if the electron conversion efficiency exceeds 95%, then this is the best, also the price of power supply is very high; 80% is normal, and common in the market. But if less than 80%, this is already very bad. It can be seen that a good power supply can save a lot of power, and if the electronic conversion efficiency is better, the heat will be lower, because only a small amount of current will become heat.


Of course, there are other factors, but these three factors are in the choosing of a screen when the most important.


Here, I will introduce our Athena Mesh display, we use Xindeco346, the diode's original brightness is higher than the average level, so the power consumption is low.


And we have MBI5043 ICs, Macroblock is one of the best IC manufacture, MBI5043 with DC output voltage 2-45MA, operating voltage 3.3V: 30MA, the working voltage of 5,0 V: 2-45MA, is a very economical power-saving.


With the power supply, we use the NES350 manufactured by MeanWell with an electron conversion efficiency of more than 80%.


As a result, our Athena Mesh has an average power consumption of only 128 watts per square meter and a maximum power consumption of 320 watts per square meter. If you choose such a product, it will save a lot of money in the future.


Thank you for your attention, if you have any questions, please consult me. "

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