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  • Refresh rate and gray scale of LED display
  • 29-08-2017

With the rapid growth of LED display market demand in recent years, the development and application of indoor LED display are more and more, extend from the stores, shopping centers, conference rooms and other common applications to the monitor and command centers, even in the studios. However, in these scenarios, the LED display is able to meet the needs of the users? Whether these LED display images can accord with human visual viewing? These LED display can withstand different camera shutter test in different camera angles? The main factors affecting the above problems are refresh rate and gray scale.

Refresh rate of LED display(visual refresh rate)

"Visual refresh rate" refers to the rate of screen updates, usually in Hz as a unit, in general, the visual refresh rate of 3,000Hz or more for high-performance LED display. The low "visual refresh rate" of the LED display in addition to lead to horizontal stripes in the camera, may cause discomfort or even eye damage when people viewed at the camera.

Gray scale of LED display

"Gray scale" refers to a variety of colors between the darkest and the brightest colors, with different changes in the color class. In general, the gray scale is above 14 bits for a high performance LED display, which has at least 16384 colors above the class level. If the gray scale is insufficient, there will be a lack of color scale or gradient color scale is not smooth enough, and can not fully show the color of the picture or video, making the LED display effect is greatly reduced.

With 25 years of LED display R & D and production experience, QSTECH has been pursuing to provide customers with high-quality LED display, in the indoor LED display R & D, QSTECH has been using high refresh high gray processing PWM drive chip, to provide customers with full color, vivid picture display effect.


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