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  • QSTECH’S profession for indoor fixed installation LED display
  • 28-07-2017

In the LED display industry, indoor fixed installation LED market is not only a huge traditional application market, but also a highly competitive Red Sea market. Indoor fixed installation LED is mainly used in all retail brand stores, supermarket, large media companies, cinemas, conference rooms, control rooms and so on.

With the rapid penetration of Internet elements in the retail industry, the information demand of the retail industry is increasing rapidly, more and more people begin to use LED display to achieve store goods and brand display, consumer interaction experience and large data analysis, etc.

QSTECH has been devoted to the research of indoor fixed installation products for 25 years, Artemis Indoor is the most classical products which include P3.9/5.2/6.25mm pixel pitch. Its thickness is only 65mm. Regardless of the left and right modules, the accessories of entire series are generic, so it saves the cost for customer purchase. Artemis Indoor series can be widely and flexibly applied in all kinds of retail stores, such as the head display of the brand, the window display etc..

HERA series is the main fine pixel pitch product of QSTECH, covering P1.2/1.6/1.9/2.0/2.5/3.0mm pixel pitch , front or rear maintenance are optional for users. It can be spliced into several standard resolution sizes such as 4K. HERA can be widely used in broadcasting studios, control rooms, command centers, monitoring centers, pavilions, conference rooms etc

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