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  • How to reduce the light pollution brought by LED displays?
  • 17-07-2017

With the expansion of the LED display market, more and more LED screens bring about some light pollution problems, which have an impact on government legislation and market orientation, and also cause damage on LED display business.

Therefore, we suggest the following 4 points to be considered to reduce the possibility of light pollution:


1. The regulating system can automatically adjust the brightness by outdoor brightness acquisition system. At any time to collect the data of the ambient brightness, the display control system will collect data received by software analysis, automatic adjustment the brightness for broadcast environment.


2. The multi-level gray correction technology: using 14bit color control system to replace the ordinary 8bit display system, people can feel the color soft when watching the display, and to avoid the abrupt color phenomenon which causes people to create a sense of the discomfort of light when the LED display is playing a low gray scale and color excessive video and images.


3. Reasonable planning and reasonable choice of installation position: A specific design requirement is needed, viewing distance, viewing angle and the display area should be reasonable as far as possible at the designing and planning step.


4. The selection and design of the broadcast content: LED display is the public media; there are public welfare, advertising, instructions and so on. When we select the content of the broadcast, we must reach agreement with the public, so as people will not refuse to watch. This is also an important aspect of preventing and controlling light pollution of display screen.


The above methods are in fact not too difficult to achieve, most of the light pollution are caused by high brightness over seeking. In fact, if the screen brightness of the led screen is not exceeding 60% of the ambient brightness, and the stimulation of the human eye would be limited, also reduce the light pollution to the whole environment.  

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