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  • Promising LED in the digital signage market
  • 14-07-2017

In recent years, the digital signage market has grown rapidly, and it is estimated that the display market will continue to grow at a CAGR of 16.7% by 2021. It’s reported that the global shipments of digital signage monitors increased by 19.7% in 2016, about 10.5 million units, the growth is driven by an increase in demand for vertical markets, technological advances and continued declining prices.

This vast blue ocean market has attracted the attention of many LED display enterprises. In many industry exhibitions, many LED display companies have launched LED digital signage products and related solutions, many of them already have some very exciting project cases. Although compared to LCD, LED display advantages in terms of price is small, the LED display technology have a brilliant future in the aspects of display effect ,durability and easy maintenance.

In addition, as a new area of LED display applications, digital signage field is entirely a new field, LED display companies give full play to the enthusiasm of innovation, and constantly integrate some new technologies, such as touch, recognition, human-computer interaction and process tracking, including 3D technology, remote control, WIFI positioning and other cross-border forms. These technologies create more possibilities for the future of LED digital signage.

CRIUS V4 integrated mobile phone APP control, WIFI communication and recognition technology, QSTECH is the first to achieve accurate display in LED industry, and provide users with highly intelligent digital signage solutions.

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