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  • How to select fine pixel pitch LED display?
  • 30-06-2017

With the development of LED display technology, the pixel pitch what users demand is becoming smaller and smaller. After continuous preheating for two years, in 2017, fine pixel pitch LED diaplays have become fully deserve the star product in the large screen display field, Obviously, indoor fine pixel pitch LED display has entered a period that marketing is growthing. And for users, how to choose a fine pixel pitch LED display?

The following aspects can be considered:

1. Low light and high grey is the premise

An important criterion of fine pixel pitch LED display with high quality is to achieve the technical indicators that the screen is low light but with high grey. In the actual purchase, you can follow the principle that the more the brightness level be recognized by human, the better the screen.

2. Pay attention to balance the "effect and technology" when select pixel pitch

The pixel pitch of a LED display is not as small as possible, you can make a simple calculation by a formula, for example, the best visual distance is from pixel pitch to 15 times the pixel pitch. In addition, you also need to consider own costs, needs, application and other factors. 

3. Pay attention to the collocation of "front-end signal transmission equipment" when select the resolution.

    If you want to build the best fine pixel pitch LED display system, while paying attention to the resolution, we should also consider its matching with the front-end signal transmission equipment, and select the matching video support format.

HERA 1.2mm/1.6mm/2.0mm

HERA is an upgrade version of fine pixel pitch products launched by QSTECH with P1.2 P1.6 / P2.0 pixel pitch. Inheriting excellent features of HERA–M, HERA added dual backup of the power supplies and the receiving cards, which quadruples the reliability. Aiming at meeting high standard requirements of indoor HD display, HERA can completely replace the traditional LCD and DLP products with high contrast, large viewing angle and seamless splicing.

HERA is designed for various applications such as broadcasting studios, control rooms, command centers, monitoring centers, pavilions, conference rooms etc.

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