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  • How to choose a right display – PCB
  • 31-05-2017

T Circuit board’s design and materials play a vital role for the stability and viewing effect of the LED display. Mainly in the following requests:


1. For Material: Generally, the PCB thickness is 1.6mm. Material is made up of FR-4 glass fiberboard; some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost may use FR-2 paper substrate; Copper foil thickness: the thickness of the copper foil has play an important a role on the PCB board heat dissipation and the stability, the normal copper foil thickness is 35um (1Oz), and some manufacturers will use 18um (0.5Oz) copper foil thickness Instead it, as a consumer how to identify it? You can take an empty PCB by weight to distinguish, under normal circumstances, the heavier the better.


2. several key points for design: connectors, connectors refer to the connector between the module and the panel, and there are two main connectors in the market, one is the horns, one is the Pin Header, the horn has the advantage is by holding the cable through two position, not prone to problems caused by the connector failure; the choice for electrolytic capacitor and tantalum capacitor, for long-life requirements markets, tantalum capacitor is undoubtedly the first choice. For the market of low-cost electrolytic capacitors is preferred.

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