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  • How to choose a right display – power consumption
  • 31-05-2017

Square power consumption is a square meter area of the LED display generated by the power consumption. We usually say that the power unit in KWH, for example, the power consumption of one square meter LED display is 300 watts, and then the display of each square meter per hour will consume 300 KWH of electricity, that is, 0.3 KWH. LED display power consumption generally has two indicators: one is the maximum power consumption, and one is the working consumption. The maximum power consumption is the power consumption when LED display reaches its maximum brightness. Then, how to determine the maximum power consumption merely by eyes? 

The method is simple: look at the number of power supply behind the cabinet, multiplied by the maximum power consumption. According to the cabinet size can calculate the maximum power consumption per square meters, generally, using 200W and 300W power supply.


And the working consumption means the consumption of broadcast advertising video, text, picture, because the working consumption has a direct relationship with playback content, it is difficult to have an exact value, but according to our experience, generally it equal to the 1/3 of maximum power consumption Lower power consumption represents lower cost for use and smaller heat, the size of the heat depends on the size of the current, a direct impact on the display life and stability. Energy-saving LED display using 4pcs of 200watt power supply per square meter, so the maximum power consumption will not exceed 680 watts per square meter. Because the effective output for power supply is basically 85%.

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