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  • CRIUS OUTDOOR------Outdoor Commercial Intelligent LED Poster
  • 27-05-2017

Along with the development of digital age, media and advertising market has been welcoming countless new forms and carriers of media.  LED poster, as one of new media forms, is attracting attention of advertising market with favorable price, high performance and quick return of investment.


QSTECH, committed to promote advertising media efficiency, has launched the latest product of outdoor commercial intelligent LED poster CRIUS Outdoor to provide customers with fast, efficient and accurate advertising solutions.

CRIUS OUTDOOR is a small-sized outdoor integrated display poster. With simple yet elegant exterior design and vivid displaying effect, the poster can be more eye-catching thus to promote advertising effectiveness. Water-proof aluminum cabinet and automatic ventilation system enable CRIUS OUTDOOR stand out in various working environments without concerns of wind and rain. Two-sided design offers customers more choices, which the poster can be customized into full-color LED display on both sides or full-color LED display on front side and light box with backlight support on back side. Besides, both sides can realize front maintenance through flip cover, making operation easier. And timing switch function is available for both display screen and light box. Equipped with double-sided tempered glass, the poster is safer in outdoor environment. Moreover, CRIUS OUTDOOR can automatically adjust its brightness based on ambient brightness to achieve suitable displaying effects for human eyes. With wireless transmission function, centralized remote control and slim body to guarantee easy installation and convenient transportation, CRIUS OUTDOOR will be your first choice for various outdoor poster applications.

CRIUS OUTDOOR can be widely used in commercial centers, urban roads, shopping malls, city squares, gas stations and other areas where need outdoor advertising needs, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication.

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