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  • Seven years and a display
  • 30-12-2016

It was the year of 2009, when I was going to graduate from my college, I had a party with my classmates at the city Xi’an. I stood against a window with beer in my hand, outside a big display was just being installed on the surface a big building. I was wandering how could that display that big, and how fast my city was developing. But I was going to leave this city for my first job in a week. Time is really a magic thing, it drives us and going on and on.


In the year of 2013, I came back from Mexico and hunting my second job in the city Xi’an, I had a cup of coffee in the restaurant that I had my leavers’ party, the same window, lots of things were changed in my eyes and a new building appeared, that display was still there and was playing a large video, it was an advertisement of a mobile phone, looked nice.


Now it is the year 2016, 7 years pasted, today again I stand in the same restaurant and staring at the display I had watched many time. Now as an engineer of an LED display manufacture, I aware this is a display that can work 7 years and looks like a new one.


QSTECH made it, and I am feeling good as I am one of this local company and China manufacturing industry.

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