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  • Outdoor display of QSTECH light the air bridge of Baoji
  • 30-12-2016

Dongling air bridge as the eastern window of the eastern city of Baoji, carrying the function of display image, is of high artistic value, greatly enhance the city cultural tourism image of Baoji .


In the middle of the bridge on both sides of the fence, installed 2 outdoor display Artemis XT 10 of QSTECH, every display about 24m*2.6m , a total area of 126 square meters. Artemis XT 10 is used to display and propagandize the city spirit and culture, increase a color for the civilization of Baoji.


Artemis XT use slim box, high efficiency power and high refresh drive chip, it's power consumption is low . The whole screen use self-developed products (display, controller, control software, unified brand) of QSTECH. In the case, the screen adopt cross bridge double side design and combine with the bridge perfectly. This screen has become the most beautiful scenery of the local highway exit .

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